Volume 1, Number 3/4 (September 1995)


The development of animal model systems for HIV-1 encephalitis and its associated dementia
Persidsky Y, Nottet HSLM, Sasseville VG, Epstein LG, Gendelman HE.
pp. 229-243


C58 and AKR mice of all ages develop motor neuron disease after lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus infection but only if anitviral immune responses are blocked by chemical or genetic means or as a result of old age
Anderson GW, Even C, Rowland RRR, Palmer GA, Harty JT, Plagemann PGW.
pp. 244-252

Human herpesvirus 6 polymerase chain reaction findings in human immunodeficiency virus associated neurological disease and multiple sclerosis
Liedtke W, Malessa R, Faustmann PM, Eis-Hubinger AM.
pp. 253-258

Targeting and gene expression in spinal cord motor neurons following intramuscular inoculation of an HSV-1 vector
Keir SD, Mitchell WJ, Feldman LT, Martin JR.
pp. 259-267

Utility of cerebral proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in differential diagnosis of HIV-related dementia
Swindells S, McConnell JR, McComb RD, Gendelman HE.
pp. 268-274

Media components influence viral gene expression assays in human fetal astrocyte cultures
McCarthy M, Wood C, Fedoseyeva L, Whittemore SR.
pp. 275-285

Frequent mutation in pX region of HTLV-1 is observed in HAM/TSP patients, but is not specifically associated with the central nervous system lesions
Saito M, Furukawa Y, Kubota R, Usuku K, Sonoda S, Izumo S, Osame M, Yoshida M.
pp. 286-294

Isolation and characterization of intranuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes associated with double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminase from brain cells: implications for RNA-editing and hypermutation of viral RNA in the CNS
Chen Z, Hirano A, Wong TC.
pp. 295-306

Isolation and characterization of a type II JC virus from a brain biopsy of a patient with PML
Zoltick PW, Mayreddy RPR, Chang C, Northrup B, Khalili K, Schwartzman RJ.
pp. 307-315

Short Communication

Amplification of the complete polyomavirus JC genome from brain, cerebrospinal fluid and urine using pre-PCR restriction enzyme digestion
Agostini HT, Stoner GL.
pp. 316-320


Three or more infantile febrile seizures and HHV-6
Westarp ME, Kleiser B, Bechinger D, Kornhuber HH.
p. 321

Book Review

HIV and the Pathogenesis of AIDS
Levy JA.
p. 322