Volume 2, Number 4 (August 1996)

Guest Editorial

The molecular genetics of herpes simplex virus latency and pathogenesis: a puzzle with many pieces still missing
Bennett JL, Gilden DH.
pp. 225-229

Meeting Report

NeuroAIDS, current understanding and future directions
Black RJ, Rausch DM.
pp. 230-233


Glia: the not so innocent bystanders
Chao CC, Hu S, Peterson PK.
pp. 234-239


Visualization of viral candidate cDNAs in infectious brain fractions from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease by representational difference analysis
Dron M, Manuelidis L.
pp. 240-248

Detection of Herpesviridae in postmortem multiple sclerosis brain tissue and controls by polymerase chain reaction
Sanders VJ, Felisan S, Waddell A, Tourtellotte WW.
pp. 249-258

Co-infection with two JC virus genotypes in brain, cerebrospinal fluid or urinary tract detected by direct cycle sequencing of PCR products
Agostini HT, Ryschkewitsch CF, Singer EJ, Stoner GL.
pp. 259-267

A Herpes simplex virus type 1 mutant with a deletion immediately upstream of the LAT locus establishes latency and reactivates from latently infected mice with normal kinetics
Maggioncalda J, Mehta A, Bagasra O, Fraser NW, Block TM.
pp. 268-278

Rescue of HSV-1 neurovirulence is associated with induction of brain interleukin-1 expression, prostaglandin synthesis and neuroendocrine responses
Westmoreland SV, Kolson D, Gonzalez-Sacarano F.
pp. 279-288

Short Communication

Analysis of herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein D nucleotide sequence in human herpes simplex encephalitis
Rozenberg F, Lebon P.
pp. 289-295