Volume 2, Number 6 (October 1996)


Pathogenesis of mouse hepatitis virus-induced demyelination
Houtman J, Fleming J.
pp. 361-376


Virus load and neuropathology in the FIV model
Boche D, Hurtrel M, Gray F, Claessens-Maire MA, Ganière JP, Montagnier L,
Hurtrel B.
pp. 377-387

Neurologic dysfunctions caused by a molecular clone of feline immunodeficiency
virus, FIV-PPR

Phillips TR, Prospero-Garcia O, Wheeler DW, Wagaman PC, Lerner DL, Fox HS,
Whalen LR, Bloom FE, Elder JH, Henriksen SJ.
pp. 388-396

Magnetic resonance brain imaging lacks sensitivity for AIDS associated
cytomegalovirus encephalitis

Clifford DB, Arribas JR, Storch GA, Tourtellote W, Wippold FJ.
pp. 397-403

Psychomotor slowing in HIV infection: a predictor of dementia, AIDS and death
Sacktor NC, Bacellar H, Hoover DR, Nance-Sproson TE, Selnes OA, Miller EN, Dal
Pan GJ, Kleeberger C, Brown A, Saah A, McArthur JC.
pp. 404-410

Human polyomaviruses DNA detection in peripheral blood leukocytes from
immunocompetent and immunocompromised individuals

Azzi A, De Santis R, Ciappi S, Leoncini F, Sterrantino G, Marino N, Mazzotta
F, Laszlo D, Fanci R, Bosi A.
pp. 411-416

Increased susceptibility to the pathogenic effects of wild-type and recombinant
herpesviruses in MPS VII mice compared to normal siblings

Wolfe JH, Martin CE, Deshmane SL, Reilly JJ, Kesari S, Fraser NW.
pp. 417-422

Neuroinvasion by simian immunodeficiency virus coincides with increased numbers
of perivascular macrophages/microglia and intrathecal immune activation

Lane JH, Sasseville VG, Smith MO, Vogel P, Pauley DR, Heyes MP, Lackner AA.
pp. 423-432