Volume 3, Number 3 (June 1997)


An oligopeptide of the feline leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein is associated with morphological changes and calcium dysregulation in neuronal growth cones
Fails AD, Mitchell TW, Rojko JL, Whalen LR.
pp. 179-191

Search for herpesvirus DNA in cerebrospinal fluid of HIV patients with brain disorders: prevalence of cytomegalovirus DNA findings
Portolani M, Meacci M, Sabbatini AM, Pietrosemoli P, Pecorari M, Cermelli C, De Rienzo B.
pp. 192-196

Differences in resistance to herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) among oligodendroglia derived from different strains of mice are determined after viral adsorption but prior to the expression of immediate early (IE) genes
Thomas EE, Lau AS, Morrison B, Kim SU, Kastrukoff LF.
pp. 197-205

Nerve growth factor antibody stimulates reactivation of ocular herpes simplex virus type 1 in latently infected rabbits
Hill JM, Garza HH Jr, Helmy MF, Cook SD, Osborne PA, Johnson EM Jr, Thompson HW, Green LC, O'Callaghan RJ, Gebhardt BM.
pp. 206-211

Repression of the HSV-1 latency-associated transcript (LAT) promoter by the early growth response (EGR) proteins: involvement of a binding site immediately downstream of the TATA box
Tatarowicz WA, Martin CE, Pekosz AS, Madden SL, Rauscher FJ 3rd, Chiang SY, Beerman TA, Fraser NW.
pp. 212-224

Short Communication

CD4+ and CD8+ T cells are not major effectors of mouse hepatitis virus A59-induced demyelinating disease
Sutherland RM, Chua MM, Lavi E, Weiss SR, Paterson Y.
pp. 225-228

Case Reports

Primary cerebellar T-cell lymphoma with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Embil JM, Halliday WC, Nath A.
pp. 229-232

Stable neurological function in subjects treated with 2'3'-dideoxyinosine
Sidtis JJ, Dafni U, Slasor P, Hall C, Price RW, Kieburtz K, Tucker T, Clifford DB.
pp. 233-240