Volume 3, Supplement 1 (May 1997)

Herpes simplex virus virulence: the functions of the gamma (1)34.5 gene
Roizman B, Markovitz N.
pp. S1-2

Molecular and cellular aspects of measles virus persistence in the CNS ter
Meulen V.
pp. S3-5

Use of primary CNS cultures to investigate HIV neurotropism
Gonzalez-Scarano F, Strizki JM, Albright A, Shieh J
pp. S11-3

HIV neuropathogenesis
Levy JA.
pp. S14-5

Neurobiology of Borna disease virus
Lipkin WI, Hatalski CG, Briese T.
pp. S17-20

Neurotoxicity and neuroinvasiveness of prions
Aguzzi A, Raeber A, Blattler T, Flechsig E, Klein M, Weissmann C, Brandner S.
pp. S23-4

The regulation of gene expression in neurotrophic viruses
Roos RP.
pp. S25-7

Neuroglial ATF/CREB factors interact with the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 long terminal repeat
Krebs FC, Goodenow MM, Wigdahl B.
pp. S28-32

Modulation of mouse hepatitis virus infection by defective-interfering RNA-mediated expression of viral proteins and cytokines
Lai MM, Zhang X, Hinton D, Stohlman S.
pp. S33-4

Determinants of poliovirus neurovirulence
Gromeier M, Mueller S, Solecki D, Bossert B, Bernhardt G, Wimmer E.
pp. S35-8

Alzheimer's disease: a dissection of its etiology
Jay G.
pp. S41-2

The role of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in demyelinating disease following Theiler's virus infection: a model for multiple sclerosis
Rodriguez M, Rivera-Quinones C, Murray PD, Kariuki Njenga M, Wettstein PJ, Mak T.
pp. S43-5

Molecular epidemiology and emerging infectious diseases of the nervous system
Weber T.
pp. S46-9

Recent studies on the epidemiology, clinical features and pathogenic mechanisms of HTLV-I associated myelopathy (HAM/TSP) and other diseases associated to HTLV
Osame M, Nakagawa M, Umehara F, Ijichi S, Moritoyo T, Higuchi I, Usuku K, Arimura K, Izumo S.
pp. S50-1

Molecular epidemiology of rabies in the United States: reemergence of a classical neurotropic agent
Rupprecht CE, Smith JS, Krebs JW, Childs JE.
pp. S52-3

A genetic approach to study the pathogenesis of Theiler's virus persistent infection
Azoulay-Cayla A, Brahic M, Bureau JF, Bihl F, Dethlefs S, Fiette L, Jarousse N, Larsson-Sciard EL, Martinat C, McAllister A, Michiels T, Pena Rossi C.
pp. 55

Immune regulation of coronavirus-induced demyelinating encephalomyelitis
Stohlman SA, Lin M, Parra B, Bergmann CC, Hinton DR.
pp. S56-7

Signaling pathways in virus-induced CNS inflammation
Dietzschold B, Morimoto K.
pp. S58-9

Epitope spreading leads to myelin-specific autoimmune responses in SJL mice chronically infected with Theiler's virus
Miller SD, Vanderlugt CL, Begolka WS, Pao W, Neville KL, Yauch RL, Kim BS.

Lack of correlation of Theiler's virus binding to cells with infection.
McCright IJ, Fujinami RS.
pp. S68-70

Alternative delivery systems for antiviral nucleosides and antisense oligonucleotides to the brain.
Levy RM, Ward S, Schalgeter K, Groothuis D.
pp. S74-5

Viruses and oncogenes in brain tumors.
Archer GE, Sampson JH, Bigner DD.
pp. S76-7

SV40 and human brain tumors.
Butel JS, Lednicky JA, Stewart AR, Garcea RL, Finegold MJ.
pp. S78-9