Volume 4, Number 3 (June 1998)

Short Communications 

HIV and HIV dementia 
Gonzalez-Scarano F. 
pp. 247-248

SIV infection of macaques--modeling the progression to AIDS dementia
Zink MC, Spelman JP, Robinson RB, Clements JE.
pp. 249-259


Simian immunodeficiency virus encephalitis in rhesus macaques is associated with rapid disease progression
Westmoreland SV, Halpern E, Lackner AA.
pp. 260-268

Efficient infection of brain microvascular endothelial cells by an in vivo-selected neuroinvasive SIVmac variant
Strelow LI, Watry DD, Fox HS, Nelson JA.
pp. 269-280

Neuronal aptosis induced by HIV-1 Tat protein and TNF-alpha: potentiation of neurotoxicity mediated by oxidative stress and implications for HIV-1 dementia
Shi B, Raina J, Lorenzo A, Busciglio J, Gabuzda D.
pp. 281-290

Anomalies in Nef expression within the central nervous system of HIV-1 positive individuals/AIDS patients with or without AIDS dementia complex
McPhee DA, Greenway AL, Holloway G, Smith K, Deacon N, Pemberton L, Brew BJ.
pp. 291-300

Chemokine receptors in the human brain and their relationship to HIV infection
Lavi E, Kolson DL, Ulrich AM, Fu L, Gonzalez-Scarano F.
pp. 301-311

Sp1 and related factors fail to interact with the NF-kappaB-proximal G/C box in the LTR of a replication competent, brain-derived strain of HIV-1 (YU-2)
Millhouse S, Krebs FC, Yao J, McAllister JJ, Conner J, Ross H, Wigdahl B.
pp. 312-323

Survival prolongation in HIV-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy treated with alpha-interferon: observational study
Huang SS, Skolasky RL, Dal Pan GJ, Royal W 3rd, McArthur JC.
pp. 324-332


Neuroscience of HIV Infection: Basic Research and Clinical Frontiers. Symposium proceedings. Chicago, Illinois, USA. June 3-6, 1998
[No authors listed]
pp. 333-376
(No abstracts available)