Volume 4, Number 5 (October 1998)

Guest Editorial 

Association of human herpesvirus-6 and multiple sclerosis: here we go again?
Jacobson S.
pp. 471-473


Human herpesvirus-6: neurologic implications of a newly-described viral pathogen
Kimberlin DW, Whitley RJ.
pp. 474-485


The effect of human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) on cultured human neural cells: oligodendrocytes and microglia
Albright AV, Lavi E, Black JB, Goldberg S, O'Connor MJ, Gonzalez-Scarano F.
pp. 486-494

Cytomegalovirus and human herpesvirus-6 trans-activate the HIV-1 long terminal repeat via multiple response regions in human fetal astrocytes
McCarthy M, Auger D, He J, Wood C.
pp. 495-511

Auditory brainstem responses in a Rhesus Macaque model of neuro-AIDS
Raymond LA, Wallace D, Berman NE, Marcario J, Foresman L, Joag SV, Raghavan R, Narayan O, Cheney PD.
pp. 512-520

Receptor (CD46)- and replication-mediated interleukin-6 induction by measles virus in human astrocytoma cells
Ghali M, Schneider-Schaulies J.
pp. 521-530.

Herpes simplex virus latency after direct ganglion virus inoculation
Hay KA, Edris WA, Gaydos A, Tenser RB.
pp. 531-538

Prevalence of JC virus viraemia in HIV-infected patients with or without neurological disorders: a prospective study
Dubois V, Moret H, Lafon ME, Janvresse CB, Dussaix E, Icart J, Karaterki A, Ruffault A, Taoufik Y, Vignoli C, Ingrand D.
pp. 539-544

Porcine rubulavirus LPMV RNA persists in the central nervous system of pigs after recovery from acute infection
Wiman AC, Hjertner B, Linne T, Herron B, Allan G, McNeilly F, Adair B, Moreno-Lopez J, Berg M.
pp. 545-552

Short Communications 

Propentofylline inhibits production of TNFalpha and infection of LP-BM5 murine leukemia virus in glial cells
Suzumura A, Sawada M, Makino M, Takayanagi T.
pp. 553-559

Lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus variants: cosegregation of neuropathogenicity and impaired capability for high viremic persistent infection
Chen Z, Li K, Rowland RR, Anderson GW, Plagemann PG.
pp. 560-568

Case Reports 

Enterovirus associated neurological disease in an HIV-1 infected man
Dyer JR, Edis RH, French MA.
pp. 569-571


Elevated levels of serum S100 beta protein in scrapie hamsters
Otto M, Beekes M, Wiltfang J, Bahn E, Poser S, Diringer H.
pp. 572-573