Volume 5, Number 3 (June 1999)


Motor evoked potentials in a rhesus macaque model of neuro-AIDS
Raymond LA, Wallace D, Marcario JK, Raghavan R, Narayan O, Foresman LL, Berman NE, Cheney PD.
pp. 217-31

Viral load and neuropathology in the SIV model
Boche D, Khatissian E, Gray F, Falanga P, Montagnier L, Hurtrel B.
pp. 232-40

Detection of human T-lymphotropic virus type I p40tax protein in cerebrospinal fluid cells from patients with human T-lymphotropic virus type I-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis
Moritoyo T, Izumo S, Moritoyo H, Tanaka Y, Kiyomatsu Y, Nagai M, Usuku K, Sorimachi M, Osame M.
pp. 241-8

Modulation of acute coronavirus-induced encephalomyelitis in gamma-irradiated rats by transfer of naive lymphocyte subsets before infection
Schwender S, Hein A, Imrich H, Czub S, Dorries R.
pp. 249-57

Establishment of a quiescent herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in neurally-differentiated PC12 cells
Danaher RJ, Jacob RJ, Miller CS.
pp. 258-67

Cyclosporin A reduces the inflammatory response to a multi-mutant herpes simplex virus type-1 leading to improved transgene expression in sympathetic preganglionic neurons in hamsters
Mabon PJ, Weaver LC, Dekaban GA.
pp. 268-79

Differential effects on the survival of neuronal and non-neuronal cells after infection by herpes simplex virus type 1 mutants
Garrido JJ, Carnicero E, Lim F, Schimmang T.
pp. 280-8

Suppression of PrP(Sc)- and HIV-1 gp120 induced neuronal cell death by sulfated colominic acid
Ushijima H, Perovic S, Leuck J, Rytik PG, Muller WE, Schroder HC.
pp. 289-99

Characterization of antibodies raised against bovine-PrP-peptides
Takahashi H, Takahashi RH, Hasegawa H, Horiuchi M, Shinagawa M, Yokoyama T, Kimura K, Haritani M, Kurata T, Nagashima K.
pp. 300-7

Short Communications

Differences in kinetics of human cytomegalovirus cell-free viral release after in vitro infection of human microglial cells, astrocytes and monocyte-derived macrophages
Lecointe D, Hery C, Janabi N, Dussaix E, Tardieu M.
pp. 308-13

Chronic systemic administration of tumor necrosis factor alpha and HIV gp120: effects on adult rodent brain and blood-brain barrier
Petito CK, Adkins B, Tracey K, Roberts B, Torres-Munoz J, McCarthy M, Czeisler C.
pp. 314-8

Detection and quasispecies analysis of hepatitis C virus in the cerebrospinal fluid of infected patients
Maggi F, Giorgi M, Fornai C, Morrica A, Vatteroni ML, Pistello M, Siciliano G, Nuccorini A, Bendinelli M.
pp. 319-23


Origin of nine base pair duplication in the 3' terminus of the SV40 T-Ag gene
O'Neill FJ, Carney H.
pp. 324