Volume 6, Number 1 (February 2000)

Khalili K.
pp. 1

1999 Pioneer in NeuroVirology: Richard T Johnson, MD
Clements, JE.
pp. 3-5


Molecular circuitry regulating herpes simplex virus type 1 latency in neurons
Millhouse S, Wigdahl B.
pp. 6-24


Herpes simplex replication and dissemination is not increased by corticosteroid treatment in a rat model of focal Herpes encephalitis
Thompson KA, Blessing WW, Wesselingh SL.
pp. 25-32

A multi-mutant herpes simplex virus vector has minimal cytotoxic effects on the distribution of filamentous actin, alpha-actinin 2 and a glutamate receptor in differentiated PC12 cells
Holmes KD, Cassam AK, Chan B, Peters AA, Weaver LC, Dekaban GA.
pp. 33-45

Etiology of microglial nodules in brains of patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Nebuloni M, Pellegrinelli A, Ferri A, Tosoni A, Bonetto S, Zerbi P, Boldorini R, Vago L, Costanzi G.
pp. 46-50

Expression of complement inhibitor protein CD59 in human neuronal and glial cell lines treated with HIV-1 gp41 peptides
Chong YH, Lee MJ.
pp. 51-60

High sensitivity detection of JC-virus DNA in postmortem brain tissue by in situ PCR
Samorei IW, Schmid M, Pawlita M, Vinters HV, Diebold K, Mundt C, von Einsiedel RW.
pp. 61-74

Short Communications

Upregulated expression of interleukin-8, RANTES and chemokine receptors in human astrocytic cells infected with HIV-1
Cota M, Kleinschmidt A, Ceccherini-Silberstein F, Aloisi F, Mengozzi M, Mantovani A, Brack-Werner R, Poli G.
pp. 75-83

Improvement in HIV-associated motor slowing after antiretroviral therapy including protease inhibitors
Sacktor NC, Skolasky RL, Lyles RH, Esposito D, Selnes OA, McArthur JC.
pp. 84-8

Analysis of the Fv1 alleles involved in the susceptibility of mice to lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus-induced polioencephalomyelitis
Monteyne P, Coulie PG, Coutelier JP.
pp. 89-93