Volume 6, Number 2 (April 2000)


Targeted foreign gene expression in spinal cord neurons using poliovirus replicons
Bledsoe AW, Gillespie GY, Morrow CD.
pp. 95-105

Studies on the pathology, especially brain hemorrhage and angioendotheliomas, induced by two new mos-containing viruses
Lim KY, Ryan EA, Wong PK, Yuen PH.
pp. 106-20

Measles virus-specific T helper 1/T helper 2-cytokine production in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
Hara T, Yamashita S, Aiba H, Nihei K, Koide N, Good RA, Takeshita K.
pp. 121-6

JC virus binds to primary human glial cells, tonsillar stromal cells, and B-lymphocytes, but not to T lymphocytes
Wei G, Liu CK, Atwood WJ.
pp. 127-36

Characteristics of scrapie isolates derived from hay mites
Carp RI, Meeker HC, Rubenstein R, Sigurdarson S, Papini M, Kascsak RJ, Kozlowski PB, Wisniewski HM.
pp. 137-44

Detection of the human immunodeficiency virus regulatory protein tat in CNS tissues
Hudson L, Liu J, Nath A, Jones M, Raghavan R, Narayan O, Male D, Everall I.
pp. 145-55

Increased activity of matrix metalloproteinases in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with HIV-associated neurological diseases
Liuzzi GM, Mastroianni CM, Santacroce MP, Fanelli M, D'Agostino C, Vullo V, Riccio P.
pp. 156-63

Short Communication

PCR detection of host and HIV-1 sequences from archival brain tissue
Smith KM, Crandall KA, Kneissl ML, Navia BA.
pp. 164-71