Volume 6, Number 6 (December 2000)


2000 Pioneer in NeuroVirology: Volker ter Meulen
Khalili K.
pp. 461


Alterations in neurotrophin and neurotrophin receptor gene expression patterns in the rat central nervous system following perinatal Borna disease virus infection
Zocher M, Czub S, Schulte-Monting J, de La Torre JC, Sauder C.
pp. 462-77


CPI-1189 prevents apoptosis and reduces glial fibrillary acidic protein immunostaining in a TNF-alpha infusion model for AIDS dementia complex
Bjugstad KB, Flitter WD, Garland WA, Philpot RM, Kirstein CL, Arendash GW.
pp. 478-91

Serum antibodies reactive with non-human primate retroviruses identified in acute onset schizophrenia
Lillehoj EP, Ford GM, Bachmann S, Schroder J, Torrey EF, Yolken RH.
pp. 492-7

Comparisons of HIV-1 viral sequences in brain, choroid plexus and spleen: potential role of choroid plexus in the pathogenesis of HIV encephalitis
Chen H, Wood C, Petito CK.
pp. 498-506

Absence of the p55 Kd TNF-alpha receptor promotes survival in rabies virus acute encephalitis
Camelo S, Lafage M, Lafon M.
pp. 507-18

Analysis of human endothelial cells and cortical neurons for susceptibility to HIV-1 infection and co-receptor expression
Kanmogne GD, Grammas P, Kennedy RC.
pp. 519-28

Experimental influenza causes a non-permissive viral infection of brain, liver and muscle
Davis LE, Kornfeld M, Daniels RS, Skehel JJ.
pp. 529-36

Short Communications

NFkappaB activation, TNF-alpha expression, and apoptosis in the AIDS-Dementia-Complex
Rostasy K, Monti L, Yiannoutsos C, Wu J, Bell J, Hedreen J, Navia BA
pp. 537-43

Clinical Report

HTLV-I-associated myelopathy (HAM)/tropical spastic paraparesis (TSP) with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-like manifestations
Matsuzaki T, Nakagawa M, Nagai M, Nobuhara Y, Usuku K, Higuchi I, Takahashi K, Moritoyo T, Arimura K, Izumo S, Akiba S, Osame M.
pp. 544-8