Volume 4, Number 4 (August 1998)


Restricted HIV-1 infection of human astrocytes: potential role of nef in the regulation of virus replication
Gorry P, Purcell D, Howard J, McPhee D.
pp. 377-386

Brain-derived HIV-1 tat sequences from AIDS patients with dementia show increased molecular heterogeneity
Bratanich AC, Liu C, McArthur JC, Fudyk T, Glass JD, Mittoo S, Klassen GA, Power C.
pp. 387-393

Identification of SV40 in brain, kidney and urine of healthy and SIV-infected rhesus monkeys
Newman JS, Baskin GB, Frisque RJ.
pp. 394-406

Apoptosis induction in brain during the fixed strain of rabies virus infection correlates with onset and severity of illness
Theerasurakarn S, Ubol S.
pp. 407-414

Neurotoxic effects of feline immunodeficiency virus, FIV-PPR
Gruol DL, Yu N, Parsons KL, Billaud JN, Elder JH, Phillips TR.
pp. 415-425

Short Communications 

Tissue specific distribution of the herpes simplex virus type 1 latency-associated transcripts on polyribosomes during latent infection
Goldenberg D, Mador N, Panet A, Steiner I.
pp. 426-432

Thermosensory threshold: a sensitive test of HIV associated peripheral neuropathy?
Huengsberg M, Winer JB, Ross JD, Shahmanesh M.
pp. 433-437

Infectious simian varicella virus expressing the green fluorescent protein
Mahalingam R, Wellish M, White T, Soike K, Cohrs R, Kleinschmidt-DeMasters BK, Gilden DH.
pp. 438-444

Expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in the brains of scrapie-infected mice
Ju WK, Park KJ, Choi EK, Kim J, Carp RI, Wisniewski HM, Kim YS.
pp. 445-450

The efficacy of nucleoside analogs against JC virus multiplication in a persistently infected human fetal brain cell line
Hou J, Major EO.
pp. 451-456

Case Report

VZV fulminant necrotizing encephalitis with concomitant EBV-related lymphoma and CMV ventriculitis: report ofan AIDS case
Nebuloni M, Vago L, Boldorini R, Bonetto S, Costanzi G.
pp. 457-460

Epstein-Barr virus DNA in cerebrospinal fluid from an immunocompetent man with herpes simplex virus encephalitis
Portolani M, Sabbatini AM, Meacci M, Pietrosemoli P, Cermelli C, Lunghi P, Golinelli F, Stacca R.
pp. 461-464

Dengue virus in the brain of a fatal case of hemorrhagic dengue fever
Ramos C, Sanchez G, Pando RH, Baquera J, Hernandez D, Mota J, Ramos J, Flores A, Llausas E.
pp. 465-468