Volume 4, Number 6 (December 1998)


The CXC-chemokine, H174: expression in the central nervous system
Luo Y, Kim R, Gabuzda D, Mi S, Collins-Racie LA, Lu Z, Jacobs KA, Dorf ME.
pp. 575-585

Analysis of HTLV-I proviral load in 202 HAM/TSP patients and 243 asymptomatic HTLV-I carriers: high proviral load strongly predisposes to HAM/TSP
Nagai M, Usuku K, Matsumoto W, Kodama D, Takenouchi N, Moritoyo T, Hashiguchi S, Ichinose M, Bangham CR, Izumo S, Osame M.
pp. 586-593

Localization of mouse hepatitis virus open reading frame 1A derived proteins
Bi W, Pinon JD, Hughes S, Bonilla PJ, Holmes KV, Weiss SR, Leibowitz JL.
pp. 594-605

Regional changes in 5-HT1A but not in 5-HT2A receptors in mouse brain after Semliki Forest virus infection: radioligand binding and autoradiographic studies
Mehta S, Kitchen I.
pp. 606-618

Cocaine opens the blood-brain barrier to HIV-1 invasion
Zhang L, Looney D, Taub D, Chang SL, Way D, Witte MH, Graves MC, Fiala M.
pp. 619-626

Short Communication 

Effect of bafilomycin A1 on the growth of Japanese encephalitis virus in Vero cells
Andoh T, Kawamata H, Umatake M, Terasawa K, Takegami T, Ochiai H.
pp. 627-631