Volume 6, Supplement 2

Introduction:  The puzzling natural history of multiple sclerosis: a challenge for the research and care
Ferrante P.
pp. S1-3

History and activities of the Don Carlo Gnocchi multiple sclerosis center
Cazzullo CL.
pp. S4

The genetics of multiple sclerosis
Compston A.
pp. S5-9

The complex genetic aetiology of multiple sclerosis
Oksenberg JR, Barcellos LF.
pp. S10-4

MS genetics: recent Scandinavian efforts
Hillert J.
pp. S15-7

An attempt of identifying MS-associated loci as a follow-up of a genomic linkage study in the Italian population
D'Alfonso S, Nistico L, Bocchio D, Bomprezzi R, Marrosu MG, Murru MR, Lai M, Massacesi L, Ballerini C, Repice A, Salvetti M, Montesperelli C, Ristori G, Trojano M, Liguori M, Gambi D, Quattrone A, Tosi R, Momigliano-Richiardi P.
pp. S18-22

Genetic risk factors in multiple sclerosis and approaches to their identification
Rasmussen HB, Clausen J.
pp. S23-7

A polymorphism in the repetitive (TGGA)n sequence 5' to the human myelin basic protein gene in Italian multiple sclerosis patients
Guerini FR, Losciale L, Mediati M, Speciale L, Mancuso R, Saresella M, Calvo MG, Caputo D, Ferrante P.
pp. S28-32

Induction of IL-1 receptor antagonist by interferon beta: implication for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Sciacca FL, Canal N, Edoardo Grimaldi LM.
pp. S33-7

Augmented type 1 cytokines and human endogenous retroviruses specific immune responses in patients with acute multiple sclerosis
Trabattoni D, Ferrante P, Fusi ML, Saresella M, Caputo D, Urnovitz H, Cazzullo CL, Clerici M.
pp. S38-41

Presence of autoantibodies against complement regulatory proteins in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Pinter C, Beltrami S, Caputo D, Ferrante P, Clivio A.
pp. S42-6

Effects of rIFN-beta-1b on serum circulating ICAM-1 in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and on the membrane-bound ICAM-1 expression on brain microvascular endothelial cells
Trojano M, Defazio G, Avolio C, Paolicelli D, Giuliani F, Giorelli M, Livrea P.
pp. S47-51

Dynamics of the reactivity to MBP in multiple sclerosis
Uccelli A, Ristori G, Giunti D, Seri M, Montesperelli C, Caroli F, Solaro C, Murialdo A, Marchese M, Buttinelli C, Mancardi G, Salvetti M.
pp. S52-6

Serum auto antibodies presence in multiple sclerosis patients treated with beta-interferon 1a and 1b
Speciale L, Saresella M, Caputo D, Ruzzante S, Mancuso R, Calvo MG, Guerini FR, Ferrante P.
pp. S57-61

Endothelin and nitric oxide levels in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis
Speciale L, Sarasella M, Ruzzante S, Caputo D, Mancuso R, Calvo MG, Guerini FR, Ferrante P.
pp. S62-6

Particle-associated retroviral RNA and tandem RGH/HERV-W copies on human chromosome 7q: possible components of a 'chain-reaction' triggered by infectious agents in multiple sclerosis
Perron H, Perin JP, Rieger F, Alliel PM.
pp. S67-75

The association between multiple sclerosis and infection with Epstein-Barr virus and retrovirus
Haahr S, Munch M.
pp. S76-9

Endogenous retroviruses and multiple sclerosis
Rasmussen HB, Lucotte G, Clausen J.
pp. S80-4

Extended observations on the association of HHV-6 and multiple sclerosis
Berti R, Soldan SS, Akhyani N, McFarland HF, Jacobson S.
pp. S85-7

Novel human herpesviruses and multiple sclerosis
Rotola A, Caselli E, Cassai E, Tola MR, Granieri E, Luca DD.
pp. S88-91

Human polyomavirus JCV and expression of myelin genes
Gordon J, Gallia GL, Valle LD, Amini S, Khalili K.
pp. S92-7

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy: JC virus induced demyelination in the immune compromised host
Hou J, Major EO.
pp. S98-100

Influence of JC virus coding region genotype on risk of multiple sclerosis and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
Agostini HT, Ryschkewitsch CF, Baumhefner RW, Tourtellotte WW, Singer EJ, Komoly S, Stoner GL.
pp. S101-8

Molecular evidences for a role of HSV-1 in multiple sclerosis clinical acute attack
Ferrante P, Mancuso R, Pagani E, Guerini FR, Calvo MG, Saresella M, Speciale L, Caputo D.
pp. S109-14

Magnetisation transfer imaging in multiple sclerosis
Filippi M, Rovaris M.
pp. S115-20

Proton MR spectroscopy to assess axonal damage in multiple sclerosis and other white matter disorders
De Stefano N, Narayanan S, Matthews PM, Mortilla M, Dotti MT, Federico A, Arnold DL.
pp. S121-9

MRI of spinal cord in MS
Bastianello S, Paolillo A, Giugni E, Giuliani S, Evangelisti G, Luccichenti G, Angeloni U, Colonnese C, Salvetti M, Gasperini C, Pozzilli C, Fieschi C.
pp. S130-3

Multiple sclerosis in time and space--geographic clues to cause
Kurtzke JF.
pp. S134-40

Exogeneous factors in the aetiology of multiple sclerosis
Granieri E.
pp. S141-6

Clinical infections and multiple sclerosis: contribution from analytical epidemiology
Casetta I, Granieri E.
pp. S147-51

Clinico-immunogenetic characteristics of multiple sclerosis with optic neuritis in children
Boiko AN, Guseva ME, Guseva MR, Boiko SY, Sudomoina MA, Bikova OV, Maslova OI, Favorova OO, Gusev EI.
pp. S152-5

Grading brainstem involvement in multiple sclerosis - by means of electro-oculography
Alpini D, Caputo D, Hahan A, Pugnetti L, Monti B, Razzari S, Cesarani A.
pp. S156-9

Mood disorders in multiple sclerosis: diagnosis and treatment
Minden SL.
pp. S160-7

Group psychotherapy experiences for people with multiple sclerosis and psychological support for families
Landoni MG, Giordano MT, Guidetti GP.
pp. S168-71

MRI correlates of cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients
Rovaris M, Filippi M.
pp. S172-5

Medical rehabilitation of chronic progressive disseminated encephalomyelitis (MS)
Westarp ME.
pp. S176-8

Update on multiple sclerosis rehabilitation
Cardini RG, Crippa AC, Cattaneo D.
pp. S179-85

Cognitive function and quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients
Cutajar R, Ferriani E, Scandellari C, Sabattini L, Trocino C, Marchello LP, Stecchi S.
pp. S186-90

A cost evaluation of multiple sclerosis
Battaglia MA, Zagami P, Uccelli MM.
pp. S191-3